Computer repair, services and upgrades – “Your local geek in Weston Creek”

Craig the Computer Geek is a local computer repair, services and upgrades business based in Weston Creek, servicing all of Canberra, Queanbeyan and beyond. We're not franchised and not subcontracted so when you call me, you will be speaking to the person who is going to fix your computer. With 30 years of experience in Information Technology, we are well able to fix just about any computer problem that you may come across. We love what we do and are passionate about being able to help people, no matter what their problem or level of experience is...

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Marilyn Chalkley

Marilyn Chalkley

Craig came at very short notice to fix my email and I ended up replacing my ancient computer which he built for me in three days Craig was fantastic, calm and incredibly patient when installing it and bringing everything across with all its attendant glitches with passwords, cranky email servers and the rest. Thanks to him I now have a window on the world with two screens and a super fast machine. Very impressed with this service, thanks Craig.

Sharon Wright

I highly recommend giving Craig a call if you need your computer fixed. He called me to run through the problems he identified and gave me options and prices. And to top it off he picked up the computer and delivered it back to me. Very impressed!

Darren Gimber

Dara Gimber (Manager, Lake George Hotel, Bungendore)

Super service.Genuine and honest. ...Built us a new PC and sorted out many inherited glitches and network problems for our business.Thoroughly  recommended!

Stuart Russell

Stuart Russell

Asked Craig to build a new desktop computer for me. The job was done in the given time frame and the machine is awesome! Craig is always available for after sales assistance and is great at solving computer issues in general as was my experience.Thanks again Craig!

Julianne Major

So happy with my new computer!! All set up and amazing to use! Thanks Craig!

Robert Macklin (Author)

Craig is not only a computer wizard, he's a beaut bloke and tremendously helpful.

Jenny Bowker

We had a dead computer and Craig breathed new life into it! We are so relieved and happy. Thank you Craig.

Sam Dass (Chapman Cafe)

Got my business website done beautifully, Great job Craig!

Karen Howard

We asked Craig to come and help with a computer. Fantastic service, reliable and very helpful. Craig explained things so we could understand. Highly recommend him.

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Craig Plaister
Craig Plaister Founder, CEO and Geek
Family and friends were always asking 'Craig, can you please fix my computer?' So now he does this for a living and loves it!
Roberto Villarna Jr.
Roberto Villarna Jr. Web developer/Graphic Designer
Roberto is an NBA fan and loves watching the Golden State Warriors when he's not working on websites. He enjoys watching movies.
Paul Eduard Lim
Paul Eduard Lim Web developer
Paul enjoys building websites and repairing computers. He loves to watch movies, mostly cartoons. Traveling and food hunting is what he likes most
MJ de los Santos
MJ de los Santos Blogger/Social Media Manager
MJ as she is known to family and friends, is passionate about her three "F"s - Fashion, food and fun

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