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A Step by Step Guide On How To Install Elysium On Kodi

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Kodi addons have been shutting down after news of Dish TV suing tvaddons spread like wild fire. The tvaddons repo is down and there have also been reports of Exodus not working.

The Elysium Kodi addon is the rebranded Zen addon, formerly developed by Schism. After Schism retired from developing the addon, the Noobs and Nerds community decided to step up and continue development on it. To avoid confusion in the name and give Schism a break from question, the addon has been rebranded as Elysium going forward.

Let’s go ahead and see how to install Kodi Elysium addon.

Kodi Elysium Addon

Here’s a Step by Step Guide On How To Install Elysium On Kodi

  • Launch Kodi
  • Click the settings icon which looks like a gear or cog in top left-hand corner under Kodi logo Kodi Settings Icon
  • Click System settings
  • Hover over Add-ons menu item and turn on Unknown sources if not already on – you will receive a confirmation message where you must click Yes
  • Click back on remote to go back to System page
  • Click File Manager
  • Click Add source
  • Click <None>
  • Type the following url exactly how it is listed here – and click OK
  • Highlight the box under the source that you just typed in and enter a name for this media source, type nanrepo or any other name you would like to identify this source as and click OK
  • Click your back button on remote or keyboard until you are back at the Kodi home screen
  • Click Add-ons menu item
  • Click the small “open box” icon at top left side of page under the “Add-ons heading” Install Kodi Addon
  • Click Install from zip file
  • Click nanrepo or other name you assigned the media source in previous step
  • Click repository.elysium zip file
  • Wait for Elysium repository enabled message to appear
  • Click Install from repository
  • Click Elysium Repository
  • Click Video Add-ons
  • Click Elysium
  • Click Install
  • Wait until you see Elysium Add-on installed message

Once you launch Elysium, you will notice the following options that you can choose from; Movies, TV Shows, Spotlight, New Movies, New TV Shows, My Elysium, TV Calendar, Channels, Tools, Search, Changelog.

Once you dive into the Movies and TV Shows sections, you will notice that the list is then broken down by various genres.

As of this writing, the most popular Kodi devices are the Fire TV and Fire TV Stick and Elysium works great on both.

Frequently Asked Question – Is Elysium on Kodi Legal?

The laws vary in each country.  As with many types of technology, it all depends on what you are viewing through Kodi addons such as Elysium.  There are older public domain movies and tv shows that may be accessed through Elysium, so in cases like these, you would not be in violation.

The newer movies and tv shows do not fall under public domain status.  If the movie or tv show is available on DVD or Blu-ray, it definitely isn’t public domain.  In cases like these, you would be breaking the law in most countries.

It is suggested that you use a VPN whenever using Kodi so you your streaming logs are kept confidential.  By connecting to a VPN prior to using Kodi, you will protect your anonymity so your Internet Service Provider will not know what you are accessing through Kodi addons such as Elysium.

What do you think about the brand new Elysium Kodi add-on? If you have any feedback or need any help, let us know on Twitter or Facebook and we will do out best.



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