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How To Easily Supercharge Spotify With These 12 Android Apps

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There’s already a surprising amount you can do with the official Spotify app on Android, from getting full GPS integration to navigating the interface like a boss. Yet it still isn’t perfect.

Fortunately, third-party developers have set out to fill in all the gaps with apps of their own. You can add lyrics, use Spotify as an alarm clock, discover music you’ve never heard before, and a whole lot more — simply by installing a few apps freely available from the Play Store.

Here’s our guide to 12 essential apps that will supercharge your Spotify experience.

1. Musixmatch Lyrics

The world’s largest collection of song lyrics to enjoy with your music, on the go.

You’ll never get the words to your favorite songs wrong again with Musixmatch. The lyrics app has more than 14 million tracks in its database, and it detects what you’re listening to and serves up the words one line at a time, perfectly in sync.

musixmatch spotify

Musixmatch shows the lyrics in a floating window that appears on top of your foreground app, so you can carry on using your phone as normal.

Tap the always-on notification to make them appear or disappear. Among a few handy extras are a music recognition tool and a full lyrics search feature — just type a line from an unknown song, and you’ll identify it in an instant.

Download: Musixmatch Lyrics (Free)

2. Playlists Shortcut

When you’ve been using Spotify for a long time, you tend to amass a large number of playlists. It can be hard to find the one you want, especially when you’re driving or are otherwise unable to give the app your full attention. The obvious way to fix that is to put your favorite playlist on your home screen. Enter Playlists Shortcut.

spotify playlists shortcut

Just share your chosen playlist with the app from within Spotify, and you can turn it into its own individual shortcut or group it with several others inside a widget. You can add as many as you like, and in each case, the shortcut icon uses your own playlist artwork.

Download: Playlists Shortcut for Spotify ($0.99)

3. Companion 4 Spotify

Companion 4 Spotify is a music discovery and playlist generation tool that fills in a few of the gaps in the Spotify app.

Companion For Spotify is designed to accompany the Spotify streaming music service. It automates several workflows for you. It’s initial feature set is designed to help you find new music. Companion For Spotify will find albums that were added by Artists that you follow (and their related artists) since your last visit. It can also find if there were any updates to the playlists that you follow.

In both cases, Companion For Spotify will import the updated songs into a playlist of your choosing. This is a great way to auto create a daily playlist of updates for your listening pleasure. The application can also generate randomized playlists for you based on the artists that you follow and the artists related to them.

The newest feature examines a Spotify track and reports which of your playlists contains that track. You can easily add/remove that song from multiple playlists. Unlike other tools that generate playlists for you, Companion For Spotify only generates content from artists and playlists that you follow. Who has time to click on every artist and playlist and see what’s new? Now there is no need… Companion will do it for you.


companion 4 spotify

You cannot play music from within the app itself, but it takes as little as two taps to save a new playlist from whatever recommendations it serves up.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This application is not a replacement for Spotify and it does not let you stream music from the Spotify library. Instead, it generates playlists for you based on your habits and configuration that you can then listen to using your Spotify player.

Download: Companion 4 Spotify (Free)

4. Shuffly

Shuffle is one of the basic features of any music app, but in Spotify, it doesn’t always work as you’d expect. Sometimes it gets stuck playing a small selection of tracks or artists, and it’s frustrating that you can’t shuffle from more than one playlist at a time.

shuffly spotify

Shuffly gives Spotify a pure shuffle feature. It is totally random, never biased towards your favorite tracks, and can take selections from as many playlists as you want.

You can’t play music within the app itself, so it generates playlists from your newly shuffled tracks — these can actually serve as great party mixes too.

Download: Shuffly – Shuffle for Spotify (Free)

5. Alarmify

Want to wake up to your favorite tunes? You can with Alarmify. Just set your daily alarm, pick an artist, album, track, or playlist, and you’re good to go.

alarmify spotify

Although it isn’t the most feature-rich app, Alarmify supports the basics like recurring alarms and the snooze button, so it is good enough to replace your usual alarm clock app. You need to have Spotify Premium for it to work.

6. Sleep Timer

Listening to podcasts, white noise, or gentle music can help you fall asleep. Spotify offers all of these, but if you leave it running all night, you’ll wake up with a drained battery.

sleep timer spotify

Sleep Timer solves this problem by keeping Spotify running for a specified period while you nod off. When the timer runs down, Spotify is closed.

There’s also the option to disable Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and to set your phone to Silent Mode, ensuring you get a night of undisturbed sleep.

Download: Sleep Timer for Spotify (Free)

7. Songlytics

As awful as iTunes is, it does have one awesome feature: smart playlists.

While not advertised much, Songlytics for Spotify crawls your playlists once a week and update the list of songs tracked for you. This wasn’t a big deal a year ago, but now there are enough users that this process takes more than a week! to complete. Spotify rate limits Songlytics, so I’ve chosen to only update your playlists if you’ve played something in the past month. If you haven’t logged a new play in the last month, Songlytics should stop updating your Spotify playlists.

It lets you create dynamic playlists based on a set of rules that you specify: your most played tracks this month, your most skipped tracks of all time, tracks you’ve given a five-star rating. And they’re updated automatically as you listen to more music.

songlytics spotify

Songlytics brings smart playlists to Spotify. It monitors what you listen to, allows you to rate tracks, then lets you build playlists based on this data. The app can’t access your Spotify history, so it only works with the tracks you listen to on your phone after you install it.

Download: Songlytics for Spotify (Free)

8. Melody

While you can get basic speech recognition support for Spotify through Google Assistant, it’s very limited in what it can do. Melody is an attempt to bring Alexa-levels of voice control to your phone.

melody spotify

The app can play individual tracks or artists at your request, and it can also dip into your playlists and even serve up suggestions based on your mood.

It works with the iHeartRadio service in the U.S. as well. The speech recognition itself might lack a little polish, but Melody is fun to use and works pretty well — at least until Spotify gets around to building the feature into its own app.

Download: Melody – Spotify & iHeartRadio (Free)

9. Lazify

Lazify collects related tracks based on a track or artist. Lazify creates an awesome Spotify playlist without any effort! Being lazy is fun!

Enjoy Spotify’s Discover Weekly playlist but wish it was longer or more frequent? Lazify can help.

lazify spotify

There’s very little to it. Enter an artist or song name, choose the length of playlist you want, and within a few seconds you’ll have the results. If you’re happy with the suggestions, you can save it to Spotify with a single tap. A great app to keep on hand when you’re running out of things to listen to.

Download: Lazify ($0.99)

10. djay

Android’s most popular app for bedroom DJs has full integration with Spotify. Connect your account, and you can access and mix the tens of millions of tracks from the streaming service, including those you’ve already collected together into playlists.

djay spotify

The best thing about djay is a feature called Match. This takes the track you’re currently playing, analyzes it, and then recommends other tracks with similar tempo, key, and so on. It works really well and is particularly good if you’re new to the whole mixing business.

Download: djay FREE – DJ Mix Remix Music (Free)

11. Jukestar

Start the music democracy!

Jukestar is a jukebox app that enables everyone at your party to request their own choice of songs, even if they aren’t Spotify users.

Jukestar will automatically distribute the playlist based on who requested what, when they requested it and what other guests think of the songs. This way, everyone gets a fair go.

jukestar spotify

You use Jukestar to set up a party, then invite your guests to join in via a web app. They can search and add tracks to the playlist, while everyone else can vote on those suggestions. Only the most popular ones will get played.

Download: Jukestar – Jukebox for Spotify (Free)

12. Pasta

Finally, if you want to try something completely different, take a look at Pasta, a third-party Spotify client.

With a Material Design interface it’s fast, clean, and bright. Not dissimilar to the Google Play Music app, it makes a nice change to the dark stylings of the official app.

pasta spotify

Pasta isn’t available in the Play Store, so download it from here instead. You’ll need to set your phone to allow apps installs from unknown sources first.

It’s in beta and hasn’t been updated for a while, but is fully functional — if you like trying new things.

Download: Pasta for Spotify (Free)

Your Top Spotify Apps?

All of these apps will help you get even more from Spotify than you already do. New ones are created all the time, so it’s worth keeping an eye on the Play Store for more updates.

What are your favorite Spotify apps? Leave your recommendations in the comments below.

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