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4 New Ways to Customize in Firefox Quantum

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Firefox’s completely revamped version, Firefox Quantum, has arrived. This new age of Firefox brings speed improvements, a fresh new look, and less resource usage.


If you’ve just upgraded to Quantum, you should know a few quick ways to customize your browser. These either weren’t in older versions of Firefox or have changed in Quantum.

First, make sure you have Quantum installed. Visit Menu > Help > About Firefox to check for updates if you already have Firefox installed, or grab a fresh copy from Mozilla’s website if you’re new to Firefox.

Once you have Quantum, select the three-bar Menu icon in the upper-right, then choose Customize. From there, you can access the three below options:

3 New Ways to Customize in Firefox Quantum Customize Firefox Quantum

  1. Configurable space on your address bar. When you open the Customize window, you’ll notice white boxes on either side of the address bar. You can use these to add whatever icons you’d like from the list below. By default, you’ll have flexible space on both sides, but you can drag them to remove if you don’t like one. You can also drag another Flexible Space icon up to the taskbar for more icons.
  2. New buttons. In Firefox Quantum, you’ll find some new buttons to add to your bar. These include a Forget button, which lets you quickly remove browsing history from the past few minutes or hours. You can add a separate Search box if you want to for some reason. Other useful options include a one-click Email Link button and a shortcut to the Options menu. If you want to keep any of these handy but out of sight, drag them to the box on the right.
  3. Updated themes. Chances are that some of your old extensions stopped working in Firefox Quantum. If one of those was a theme, you’ll have to pick from one of Firefox’s new offerings. Check the Themes button on the bottom of the Customize window to find a new one. You can select one of the defaults, or click Get More Themes to browse for more.
  4. Tab size and animationsOne of Firefox’s advantages is that there’s a minimum tab size. I typically have around 100-150 tabs – sadly, my record is over 600 – and I want them to be big enough to read. Mozilla has taken a retrograde step in Quantum: it has reduced the default tab width from 100px to 76px. To change it, go to about:config, search for browser.tabs.tabMinWidth, double-click the Value and change it to something you like. In my case, 110.

    It’s really easy to move between tabs in Firefox. For example, you can click the down-arrow in the top right and pick a tab from the drop-down list. You can type a couple of letters into the search box (tw finds the Twitter tab). You can use the mouse-wheel to scroll through them extremely quickly. There’s no need to make them illegibly small just to fit them on one screen.

    Another tweak you can make via about:config is to disable animations. In this case, search for toolkit.cosmeticAnimations.enabled, then double-click it and change the value to false.

What do you think of Firefox Quantum so far? What’s your favorite way to customize the browser? Tell us down in the comments!



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