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How to See When Paid iOS Apps Become Free

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The iOS App Store is great for highlighting new and popular apps, but it doesn’t do a great job of letting you know when apps have dropped in price. Luckily, you can use some third-party apps to keep tabs on daily price drops in the app store.

How to find out when apps are free or on offer in iTunes

With millions of apps in the App Store, developers are constantly trying to find ways to up their visibility, and one of those ways is through price-drop promotions. There are some apps and websites that let you find out what paid apps are currently on offer or cheaper than usual.

The best we’ve found is AppZapp, which is well designed and offers details of apps that are on sale or are free at the current time. You can filter the lists to show only the type of apps you’re interesting, or only the apps for the device you own (an iPad, iPhone or Mac), and you can also choose to show only free apps.

The AppZapp app also shows you star ratings for apps, so you’ll know whether they’re even worth downloading. Other similar apps we’ve used to find free apps in the past have lacked ratings and reviews, which meant we found ourselves downloading free apps that were truly rubbish.

Custom Alert: This is where you can see all your custom alerts. This includes apps on sale or for free for that day. You can also filter down by app category.

App & Developer Alerts: This is where you can create custom alerts for specific apps or developers. If there’s a particular app you have your eye on and want to receive notifications for price drops for specific apps.

App Shopper is another good place to find apps that have been reduced in price. If you head over to, you can see what’s new in the iTunes Store in a frequently updated list, as well as the top 200 and, best of all, price drops.

The homepage of the AppShopper website is a mixed feed of all the updates from the app store: new apps, whether paid or free, price drops, and app updates.

A series of buttons at the top of the screen will allow you filter down to just apps that have dropped in price. If you want just free apps, click the free button, otherwise you’ll also see a bunch of apps that are now free, or have just dropped in price but are still paid.

How to See When Paid iOS Apps Become Free AppShopper

You can also filter your results by category if you’re interested in a particular type of app.

You can also get notifications for apps that you’re keeping an eye on and are just waiting for the price to drop. With AppShopper, you’ll have to sign up for a free account to get these notifications, whereas with the second option, you get this feature with no signup necessary.

After you a sign up for a free account, add apps for which you want to receive price drop notifications to your wishlist. Go to your wishlist and check the Notify me of price dropsoption.

How to See When Paid iOS Apps Become Free AppShopper Notifications

There are other apps out there, including FreeAppMagic Daily, that offer similar services but the quality is significantly less impressive.

One thing to note about all of these free app offers is that it’s still possible that there will be in-app purchases available within the apps.


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