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The 7 Best Online RAR Extractors

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Chances are you’ll come across a compressed file sooner or later. While ZIP is a common format that Windows can extract on its own, the also-popular RAR usually requires dedicated software.

While you can easily extract RAR archives with desktop software, sometimes you don’t want to or can’t install anything. That’s where online RAR extractors come in.

1. B1 Online Archiver

B1 Online Archiver

B1 Free Archiver lets you create and view archives through a straightforward process. Supporting multiple archive formats, this free utility integrates with Windows Explorer and features advanced options like protecting archives with a password and splitting them into smaller parts.

This straightforward website supports dozens of archive formats. Click the big blue button to upload a file, then wait for it to upload and extract. You’ll then see a list of files inside the archive. Click one to download it and ignore the ones you don’t need—it’s that simple.

2. Archive Extractor


Like B1, Archive Extractor supports tons of archive formats, so it’s good for more than just RAR files. In addition to regular uploading, this tool lets you connect your Google Drive or Dropbox account to import files. It also supports adding files from a URL.

After you upload and extract, you can select any of the files inside to download them individually. If you’d like, Archive Extractor also supports saving everything as a ZIP. This allows you to keep the contents together but in a more common format.

This service includes one non-intrusive ad on the page. Its privacy policy states that it deletes all data within 12 hours of you uploading it.

3. Unzip-Online

Unzip Online

Unzip-Online is a free file extractor website that lets you extract archives files without having to download a program to your computer. It works by letting you upload the archive to the website and then download the individual files that you want to keep.

Two of the most popular archives formats are supported with Unzip-Online and it can extract files from even large archive files. Since it runs through a website, you can use Unzip-Online in any web browser on any operating system.


  • Doesn’t require a software download
  • Supports popular file formats
  • Archive files can be up to 200 MB
  • Works with any browser in any operating system
  • Uploads are private and removed after 24 hours


  • Must wait for files to be uploaded before they can be extracted
  • Can not create new archives
  • Only supports four decompression formats
  • Extracted files must be downloaded in order to use them
  • Archive files over 200 MB can not be extracted
  • Can not open more than one archive at once

4. Convert.Files


This tool allows you to convert RAR archives to other formats, such as ZIP, TAR, and 7Z. However, it has several drawbacks. The page is loaded with ads, including a video ad, overlay ad while the file converts, and ad links that look like legitimate buttons.

Additionally, it took longer to convert files with this than using Archive Extractor to download all contents as a ZIP. We recommend staying away from this site.

5. Funzip


Most people probably wouldn’t describe opening RAR archives as fun, but Funzip at least makes it painless. The site is simple and lets you drag files or click to browse to one. Upload and extraction is almost instant, and it presents you with a list of all files inside.

Notably, Funzip supports files up to 400MB. However, the site doesn’t list anything about how long it keeps files, which might worry some.

6. CloudConvert

CloudConvert RAR

CloudConvert is a well-known tool that lets you convert pretty much any file type to another. Upload a RAR archive to it, and CloudConvert will let you extract the contents as well as convert it to 7Z, TAR, and ZIP formats. Unfortunately, the extraction process only supports downloading as a ZIP file.

CloudConvert is a breath of fresh air, with smooth and powerful file conversion on the cloud. No ads, no suspicious pop-ups, no third-party software installations, just straight-to-the-point conversion of one file format to another. It supports up to 214 file formats from every popular app, from documents to videos to spreadsheets. Even architects working with AutoCAD can use CloudConvert to convert their designs into formats others can view.

It’s great for simple, one-off file conversions, but CloudConvert’s true power is under the hood. CloudConvert is built with your workflows in mind, to automatically convert files into the formats you need. For example, you can choose to retrieve a file from a URL, drag-and-drop one from your computer, or choose a file from any of the four popular file storage services: Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, and Microsoft OneDrive. Once you’ve selected the correct file, you can then opt to save the finished conversion to your chosen file storage service, or download it directly from CloudConvert. You’ll need to sign up for a CloudConvert account first, though, to connect your file storage apps and use its workflow features.

You could just use CloudConvert’s defaults, and quickly turn a Word document into, say, a PDF. For more advanced conversions, CloudConvert includes detailed settings to get exactly what you want. This works especially for audio and video, where you might want to set quality and codec options. It’s handy for documents, too: when converting a .docx file to a PDF, for example, you can click on the wrench symbol for Options, then specify page range or conversion quality. This ensures the output is exactly as how you want it, saving you time and effort from further editing and tweaking.



WOBZIP is yet another online RAR extractor. It doesn’t stand out in any particular way except in a negative one: it didn’t work in our testing. Thus, we can’t recommend you use it.

Which Online RAR Extractor Is the Best?

These similar tools start to blend together after a while. Let’s review the major drawbacks of each service:

  • B1 Online Archiver: No major problems.
  • Archive Extractor: No issues.
  • Unzip-online: Likely abandoned.
  • Convert.Files: Loaded with ads, and slower than the others.
  • Funzip: No deletion policy listed.
  • CloudConvert: Doesn’t let you download individual file contents.
  • WOBZIP: Failed to work in our test.

Based on this, B1 Online Archiver and Archive Extractor are the top two contenders. And due to its slightly better feature set…

Archive Extractor is the best online RAR extractor you’ll find.

Though it has one ad while B1 has none, Archive Extractor has a few extra features that place it above B1. The ability to download everything as a ZIP file or grab individual files is great. Having the option to link cloud storage accounts or import RAR files from a URL is handy as well.

B1 Online Archiver is still solid, so give it a try if you don’t like Archive Extractor. And if you’re only interested in converting RAR files to ZIP, CloudConvert is a great choice.

There’s one truth we’ve learned from this: you definitely don’t need to pay for commercial tools like WinRAR to extract RAR files.


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