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How to use Windows Movie Maker

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  1. Download the software from their website.


  1. Once you got the software downloaded. On the dashboard “Add Videos and Photos” then select the photos/videos you want to import to make a slideshow.


  1. Once you got the photos added you may drag them from left to right to organize in which order you prefer.


  1. Once you got all the photos lines up and in order you may start adding some effects for the transition by adding or dragging the effects in between the photos from the animations tab.



  1. You can change the duration of the transition by editing here(see screenshot below)








  1. Under Visual effects tab you can some effects on how you want the resolution of filters of your photos.



  1. Once you’re done editing the photos for the slide you can add music, Title or captions under the home tab.











  1. To save or publish your file just click on “Save Movie” or share it on the social channels available.


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