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How to Share Large Blocks of Text With Someone Over the Internet

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Sometimes you need a quick way to share a piece of content with someone online. Uploading the files to cloud storage like Dropbox and getting a publicly shareable link is one way, but it’s not always the fastest. We’ve discussed the quickest ways to share files without cloud storage that are better.

But what about quickly sharing text? You might want to make it easy for someone else to read an error code, snippet of programming code, or other piece of information they’ll want to refer to. Uploading a file is overkill, and you don’t want to paste a massive wall of text—that’s when you should use one of these easy text sharing services.

1. Pastebin


Pastebin is one of the most popular online services for sharing text. It couldn’t be any easier to create a new paste: just add your text in the box and click Create New Paste, then share the resulting link. If you’d like, you can configure a few options like syntax highlighting, setting an expiration date, and whether the paste is unlisted or public.

You don’t need to create an account to upload, but signing into a free account allows you to edit or delete what you paste later. Pastebin also offers a premium subscription, which all but the most dedicated pasters should be fine without.

Whatever your requirements, you can now use the site with this handy portable app.

Moreover, being a portable app, you can keep PasteBin inside your Dropbox folder or your USB stick, because it doesn’t need to be installed to run. When you start it up, you will be presented with a plain easy-to-use box where you can copy and paste your texts. You can quite easily use the app as a guest without logging in, but logging in with a free PasteBin account will allow you to use some extra features not available to guest users. So it is worth the extra effort. But you have to make the account from the website. The portable app doesn’t allow you to do it from there.


  • Use the app as either a guest or a logged in member
  • Copy and paste your texts into the app and the website updates in seconds
  • Manage your pastes including setting privacy controls & deleting (only when logged in)


  • Website comes under DDOS attacks often



Probably the easiest to use alternative of Pastebin, has the most user-friendly interface without any complicated items on screen. The users simply need to paste content or write it in the box and set a title. There is an option of syntax highlighting from which you can choose one from several choices from plain text to C++, Java, Ruby and many more. The next step would be to set an expiry date for the text or code that you pasted and then making it private or public as per your need. Finally users can add tags and submit to get the sharing link. The process involves no complexities like many other Pastebin alternatives. allows you to encrypt your pastes, great for those containing potentially sensitive information (though you shouldn’t share anything like your credit card number over a service like this). It also permits multiple pastes in one upload and supports expiration after a certain amount of views instead of a set time.


You’ll find lots of other sites like these, but one of these two should serve you fine.


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