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Ways on How to Find Out the Model of Your Android Phones

Have you ever forgotten what Android phone you have? Unlike the iPhone’s few models, there are hundreds of Android phones, and many of them have confusing names. If someone has ever asked you what phone you have and you forgot the model name, or just want to know for reference, here’s how you can find out.How to Find Out the Model of Your Android PhoneFirst, flip your phone over ...
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How to Track and Locate Your iPhone Using Location Services

Your smartphone’s ability to pinpoint your exact location goes way beyond simple navigation. GPS is used for web searches to deliver relevant local results, in dating apps to find you a nearby date, and as a safety net when you lose your device.Knowing how to customize your location settings is important, since location tracking presents a real privacy risk. Today we’ll look at how you can man...
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Password vs. PIN vs. Fingerprint: The Best Way to Lock Your Android Phone

With the amount of personal data we keep on our phones, security is essential. Android phones are encrypted by default, and provide multiple methods for locking and unlocking them. Some are more secure, while others more convenient to use.Access control systems have existed for as long as computers. When mobile phones got popular, screen locks appeared in their small screens as locks that were...
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7 Lightweight Android Go Apps to Save Storage Space and Memory

Android Oreo (Go edition) is Google’s attempt at improving the Android user experience on entry-level smartphones. The Go edition comes with all the fancy features of Android 8 Oreo, along with pared-down versions of the core Google apps. These lightweight copies of Google apps are lighter and less resource-intensive, which means they should run flawlessly on lower-end smartphones. Google primari...
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Your iPhone Is a Hotspot! Here’s How to Use It

Smartphones don’t just allow us to access the internet wherever we go. They can also bring the internet to our other devices too. While tethering plans were once expensive, the rise of fast mobile internet has seen prices fall and data speeds increase. It’s now possible to work from pretty much anywhere, on any device, provided you have a cellular connection. Today we’ll look at how to share your...
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iPhone Won’t Turn On? Here’s What to Do Next

Many iPhone problems can result in an unresponsive device. The good news is that many of these problems can be solved without having to pay for repairs or a replacement.When your iPhone won't turn on, you may think that you're going to need to buy a new one. That could be true if the problem is bad enough, but there are lots of ways to try to fix your iPhone before deciding it's dead.The k...
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10 Reasons Your Smartphone Has Slow Internet Speeds

Smartphones are now well established as the main way most of us connect to the internet. It’s a trend that looks irreversible. And it means getting the fastest possible internet speeds on your mobile devices is more important than ever.But sometimes this doesn’t happen. There might be problems with the way you’ve set up your home router, or with the quirks of public Wi-Fi, or even issues with ...
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Apple Lets Users Manage Their Own iPhone Batteries

Apple plans to let users decide for themselves how to manage their iPhone’s battery usage. While details are currently thin on the ground, this will be accomplished by an iOS update dropping soon. Apple CEO Tim Cook revealed this in an interview mostly covering Apple’s tax affairs. Apple Gets Caught Slowing Down Old iPhones In December 2017 it was revealed that Apple has been slowing down old iP...
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Google Launches 3 New Photo Apps Worth Trying

Google has launched three brand new photography apps for Android and iOS. They’re all free, they’re all original, and they’re all well worth trying. These three new apps are the first installment of what Google is calling “appsperiments,” which are experimental apps.Smartphone cameras have improved massively over the years, to the point at which they’re good enough for most situations. Add to ...
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15 Practical Things Your iPhone Does That Android Won’t

Reiterating what we said recently, Android and iOS aren’t as different as they used to be many years ago. Hence, even if both smartphone platforms have their own strengths and weaknesses, choosing between the two has become much harder.Today, we take a look at ten useful features of Apple iPhones that aren’t easily available on Android.Note: Thanks to Android’s relatively relaxed policies,...
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