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Easy and Simply Tips On How To Extend Your Phone’s Battery Life

AS MOBILE phone users, all we want is enough battery life to last the day. Frustratingly, the older the device, the less power it seems to have. In fact, the amount of battery life our mobiles have on any given day depends on two key factors: how we use them on that particular day, and how we used them in the past. Mobile phones use lithium-ion batteries for energy storage. In this type of...
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5 Intelligent iPhone Email Apps to Sort & Organize Your Inbox

It’s a good time to say goodbye to the Apple Mail app, especially if you use a Google account. Mail.app, while a reliable client, doesn’t offer anything more than the traditional inbox experience. In this day and age, where so much of your work, personal and travel life revolves around email, that’s just not enough. Intelligent Email? The App Store is filled with intelligent email apps. These...
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Google Play Protect Helps Keep Your Android Secure

Backed by the strength of Google, Play Protect brings control to your fingertips while giving guidance along the way. Together, we lay out the ideal security blanket for your mobile device. Consider yourself covered. Google has released Google Play Protect, a security suite designed to keep your Android safe. Play Protect resides on your handset, scanning your device around the clock. It also s...
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How to Easily Back Up And Transfer All Your Data to a New Android Device

When the time comes to move to a new phone, you’ll probably feel an inevitable sense of trepidation. Sure, you’ll be excited to get your hands on a shiny new device, but how on earth are you going to move all your data over? There’s so much to consider. You’ll have apps, customized settings, photos, contacts, backgrounds, downloads — it’s daunting. Even if you’re efficient, it can take a whole ...
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How to set up parental controls on Android smartphones and tablets

If you frequently find your Android phone or tablet in the hands of your children, you may want to consider protecting your device (and your children) with parental control software. Find out how to set this up in our helpful guide. Kids are increasingly tech-savvy these days, and even a toddler will manage to use your Android smartphone or tablet in ways you didn't know were possible. Apart fr...
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How to Delete, Back Up, and Recover SMS Text Messages on Android

If you’ve been thinking about spring cleaning your Android phone, a good place to start is your SMS app. You might not realize that your SMS conversations — especially those with images — can take up quite a bit of space on your phone. If phone memory is a precious commodity, it’s easy to delete individual messages or entire conversations to clear up space on your phone. Given the popularity of...
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How to Retrieve Deleted iPhone Contacts

Everyone makes mistakes. At some point or another, most of us have Deleted iPhone Contacts a contact from our phone in error. Once those digits leave your device, the outlook may seem bleak — but you might be able to recover the contact if you know where to look. Between iTunes and iCloud, Apple is overly cautious when it comes to making automated backups. Unless you’ve disabled this functionalit...
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4 Security Threats WhatsApp Users Need To Know About

Since the messaging platform WhatsApp was acquired by Facebook in 2014, its growth has been unstoppable. The app now boasts over a billion users each month who send over 30 billionmessages per day. WhatsApp has strengthened their security over recent years by adding two-step verification, and automatic end-to-end encryption. Despite this, there are still some security threats you need to know a...
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Google Now Lets You Control Your Child’s Phone

Google has launched a new app designed to put parents back in control of their children’s smartphone use called Family Link App. This solves the problem increasingly faced by parents, who want to let their kids have smartphones, but don’t want their kids to use them all day, every day with no limits. One of the many and varied problems parents face these days is keeping an eye on their children’s...
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