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Social Media Management

Social Media Management Don't have time to blog or post to social media like you should?We can do scheduled posts to all of your social media accounts at the same time:F...
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Home Relocation

Home Relocation - what do you do after you move house and need to connect all your computer and audio/visual equipment back together?  Moving house is an exciting but als...
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Computer Servicing

Computer servicing - why it's important. We all know that we have to take our car to the mechanic to get it serviced every 6 months. But when it comes to our computers, far too o...
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Web Hosting

Web hosting - how to get an online presence and why do I need a website? What is web hosting? Web hosting is a service that allows you to have a website that is publicly availabl...
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Disaster Recovery – why it’s important

How much is your data worth???  70% of all businesses fail within the first 12 months after a catastrophic data loss*. Don’t let that be you!Good housekeeping is important, as...
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Custom Built PCs

Custom built PCs - built for you We can build any type of custom built PCs, from something basic for just surfing the net or doing Facebook, to serious gaming PCs and everything i...
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Computer Viruses and malware

One of the great scourges of the computer age is the spread of computer viruses. There have been thousands of them since the 1980s and you can see some screenshots of the more inf...
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Windows Problems – boot, profile, password and driver issues

Having Windows problems ? We deal with all types of Windows problems, including boot problems, profile problems, password recovery and driver issuesBoot problems - the dread...
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