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Minix NEO X8-H User Guide

Minix NEO X8-H User Guide

NEW!!! Download the current release of Kodi v15.2 “Isengard”. NB the download is about 60Mb and is free. Go to our How-to guide to install Isengard here.

NEW!!! Download preconfigured Kodi settings here. NB the download is around 800Mb and can be purchased via PayPal from the next page. Using File Explorer from the Minix Metro menu, you can copy the folder directly to your Minix and then you will have all the add-ons and everything configured automatically.

PRICE REDUCED to $19.95 until 31 January 2016! Go to our How-to guide to install the preconfigured settings folder here.


Minix Metro Launcher Screen

This is the Minix Metro launcher that comes up when you start the Minix. The devices that we supply have already been configured but may need the network type to be set.

To do this, click on the Settings folder, the one with the picture of the tools on it. Then click Network. If you have your Minix connected via Ethernet, make sure you have the connection set appropriately and then your device should automatically connect to the Internet. However, if you want to connect via Wi-Fi, you do it almost the same as you would on an Android phone. Click on Wi-Fi, select the SSID, enter the passkey and click Connect. Make sure of course that the Wi-Fi antenna is connected. All Android settings for the box are in here and if you have an Android phone, the screens will look very familiar to you.

From the Metro screen you can browse the Internet, play music files, picture slideshows or movies from an external drive, chat via Skype, or play Android games. To stream movies, TV shows, etc. we need to use XBMC. So go ahead and click the XBMC icon and you will see a screen similar to the one below:


XBMC Home ScreenOn the XBMC Home screen, you have a choice of WeatherPictures, Videos, Music, Programs and System. This has already been configured with the most popular add-ons but you can always add your own.

To install a new add-on, click on Programs. You will have a number of Program add-ons to choose from but you can get everything you need from Total Installer. Click on Total Installer. You now have the option to find add-ons based on category, genre, country or repository. Additionally, you can search for an add-on if you know its name or its author. Click on Install and then it will appear in your add-ons.

XBMC settings are under System, Settings. Here you can add shortcuts, set your weather location, language, screensavers, skins, playback settings and too many other things to mention.

The Minix has 3 USB ports. Here you can connect a wireless mouse or the wireless receiver for one of the optional remote controls. You can also connect a webcam or an external hard disk drive, which will allow you to play your music library, pictures of your travels or home movies of the kids.

Now for the fun stuff!

To stream movies, TV show, cartoons etc. use the cursor on your remote to click on Videos and then Add-ons. You will see a screen similar to the one below:



Genesis Add-on


Many of the add-ons give you the facility to search for a title or genre.

Once you have decided what you want to watch you may get the option to stream that item from multiple sources. You may also get a choice of HD (High Definition), SD (Standard Definition) or CAM (probably best avoided). You may find that some streams may not work at any given time but you can almost always find one that does.



Now sit back, break out the popcorn and enjoy!


Troubleshooting tips

Q. There is no picture on the screen

A. Make sure that you have connected the HDMI cable properly and set the correct input on your TV. Check that the Minix is on. Look for a red light coming out of the optical port on the back of the device if you are not sure


Q. Nothing I click on works

A. Make sure that you are connected to the Internet. Try disconnecting, then reconnecting the network cable or check that the Wi-Fi configuration is correct.


Q. Some streams “buffer” all the time

A. Check that you are not doing some other download on another device on your network that would be using your bandwidth. Restart the Minix by pressing and holding the power button on the remote control and selecting restart. Switch the power off on your modem for at least 15 seconds and then switch it back on again. Check that you haven’t gone over your “download limit” and had your connection slowed by your ISP


If you have any further questions or things that you would like added to this guide, please let us know 🙂

10 thoughts on “Minix NEO X8-H User Guide

  1. I have a minix neo X8/H , i make a reset and install the latest software, but i lost everything on XBMC how cann I reinstall the XBMC e.g. I cannot install fusion please what cann I do?

    1. Go into home settings far right go down and click “more” scroll down to apps find minux xbmc and clear catche and delete data and presto you have a new fresh start …just log in again and setup your preference.

  2. Hello; not sure if this is something to add to this guide or just something you can assist me with as I am getting very frustrated.

    I have the neo x8-h plus. Everything is set up and has been working fine. Then suddenly whenever I go to watch anything I get a red icon that appears in the top right hand corner of the screen that looks like a mute symbol. I have sound when I turn the box on and click through to get to videos, add ons, select program. I have nothing muted on my actual television or external receiver. Can’t figure out how to fix this so that I have sound again (I miss my box).

    Please help me. I’m a single mom who has no idea about this. Computer stuff is scary.

  3. Hi, I’m searching but failing to find an answer to the following problem with my Minix Android TV Box. Mine is a NEO-U1 box, version 5.1.1, build U1 FW005 20160129. When I turned on the box today, the display is all out of whack. The edges of the homepage are all outside of the screen parameters.

  4. hi, when i use to click on file explorer and select what i wanted to watch it would go straight to the file, however since my wife used the player to view pictures when i click on any folder now i get a green tick and no longer able to click through like i use to.
    can anyone help please.

    1. Hi Jean, it looks like you’ve clicked on the select function on the top bar. You will need to click it again to deselect it and then you’ll be able to click through like normal 🙂

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