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How to Stop Facebook Friends or Pages From Taking Over Your Feed

You can’t complain about Facebook News Feed serving you up stuff you’re not interested in if you haven’t taken the time to customize all of the options and tweaks available. There are more than you might think. From prioritizing the friends you like the most to controlling the sponsored links you see.So if certain friends or pages are taking over your Facebook feed, there’s a simple fix. Rathe...
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Facebook Launches Messenger Kids for Children

A messaging app for kids ages 6 to 12 to chat with friends and family. Facebook today announced a new version of its Messenger chat app designed for children ages six to 12. Called Messenger Kids, the new app does not require a Facebook account — due to federal law, users under the age of 13 cannot legally sign up for Facebook. Rather, parents are able to manage a child’s Messenger Kids app from ...
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6 Safety Tips to Protect Your Kids From Catfishing and Other Online Threats

Your kids are old enough to go online. You’ve kept a close eye on things so far, and you’re still using the parental controls, but some free time is required. The homework is all done, and just like their friends, your offspring want to hit a social network.Well, just hold it there. There are several threats to children going online for the first time, supervised or otherwise.Before you le...
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Your WhatsApp Isn’t Secure! Here’s What You Need to Do

One of the most popular messaging services out there with over a billion users, WhatsApp has been reigning the monarch since the last few years. With the introduction of end-to-end encryption in 2016, WhatsApp made sure that the message details do not fall into wrong hands. But then, that’s not the end of the bargain. There are many steps that we, as users, should take to make it more secure.T...
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How to Set Up Two-Factor Authentication on All Your Social Accounts

With the increasing use of internet and social media platforms, cybercrimes and internet frauds are also on a rise. We share a lot of information on our social media channels — photos, videos, places we visit, and more. And with all this, it becomes increasingly important to take adequate security measures to ensure our accounts and information are safe. One way to do this is securing our accounts...
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A Complete Guide To Facebook Symbols & What They All Mean

Have you ever noticed how many little Facebook symbols are scattered throughout the Facebook landscape? There has to be a Facebook team in some back cubicle at headquarters just thinking up what little image Facebook could offer next.Whatever the reason for so many little images, the one thing it can do is cause a bit of confusion for newcomers. While many of the tiny icons are self-explanator...
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12 Things You Should Never Share on Social Media

Social Media Management
We share so many details of our daily lives online, but where should we draw the line on what we share about ourselves, our family, and our friends? There are some tidbits of personal information that it is best to never share online, here are ten of them:Be careful what you share on social media because you never know when something could come back and ruin your life. Even the most innocent a...
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Facebook Live – How to Stream Video From Your PC or Smartphone

Facebook is everywhere: on your PC, phone, tablet, and perhaps even your games console. But rather than resent this, the time has come to embrace it. After all, with so many people using Facebook, it has potential as a medium of mass communication. Leaving a status isn’t enough, however, even if it’s the most compelling thought ever expressed. Fortunately, Facebook has another way for you to comm...
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5 Hottest Yik Yak Alternatives To Help You Stay Anonymous Online

Yik Yak, the anonymous messaging app famous on campuses worldwide, has officially shut down.For those who are not familiar, Yik Yak is an anonymous social media app for iOS and Android. Yik Yak allows users to anonymously create and view “yaks” within a 10-mile radius. Users can contribute to the content by writing, responding and up- or down-voting “yaks.” The app targets college campuses as ...
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