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How to Reopen Tabs You’ve Accidentally Closed in Your Browser

Accidentally closing a tab in your browser is extremely common. You have the intention of just clicking on a tab, but instead you close it.Luckily, all browsers make it super easy to reopen a tab that you didn’t mean to close, whether on your phone or on your desktop.With desktop browsers, all it takes is a keyboard shortcut. With mobile browsers, you’re going to have to access a list of r...
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Settings to improve your battery life in iOS 11

IT’S something smartphone users often lament: a new software update can sometimes mean diminished battery life.Since rolling out the official version of iOS 11 last month to coincide with the release of the iPhone 8, some Apple fans have reported a frustrating reduction in their battery life.In fact, a study of 50,000 moderate to heavy iPhone and iPad users carried out after the ...
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How to Limit Data Usage and Internet Bandwidth in Windows

Limiting bandwidth on your computer will stop your data being wasted on things you don’t want. It’s very helpful for those who have a specific data limit and can help you avoid being overcharged. We’re going to show you tools to help you limit your bandwidth.Windows has a built-in method to limit bandwidth, but at the moment it’s really basic and not particularly clear on what it does. As such...
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How to choose a wireless charger for your iPhone

One of the biggest changes in Apple’s new iPhones is the long-awaited addition of wireless charging. Wireless charging has been around for years at this point, which has left time for a large ecosystem of accessories to build up. So, if you’re an iPhone user, you’ll probably want some kind of wireless charger to use with your new phone. Fortunately, Apple is using a wireless charging standard, ca...
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Ways to Stream Videos and Video Games From Your PC to Your Main TV

Want to play your favorite PC games or watch videos on your main TV?Netflix, Hulu and Amazon Video may be the easiest ways to stream content, but they may not have exactly what you want to watch. If you’ve spent the past few years building up your own collection of digital content, you can watch whatever you want, but getting it onto your big-screen TV isn’t always the most straightforward pro...
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Aside from iOS 11, the iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus don’t differ much from its predecessors. But every new iPhone comes new features — even if it’s only a few. To help you use your new device to the fullest, we’ve rounded up some iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus tips and tricks you need to know.If you’re still craving more by the end, there are a lot more features and tricks in iOS 11 that you can che...
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How to Remote Control Your iPhone From Your Computer

Despite Apple’s attempts to marry iOS and macOS through the wonders of iCloud, you’ll need to jailbreak if you want to control your device remotely. For most of us, it’s probably not worth it.But you’re here now, so we might as well take a look at what’s involved. We’ll also have a look at the various remote iPhone functions you can get access to without voiding your warranty.For full jail...
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How to Start Your Browser in Private Mode by Default

What is a VPN? VPN stands for Virtual Private Network. If you have files on a server at work, that server is unlikely to be public facing (accessible over the Internet) and will no doubt be behind a firewall. Operating a VPN is far more secure than just opening ports on a firewall, which can be a security risk. Since more and more workers are traveling and/or working from home, companies require ...
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How to Force Close an Unresponsive Chrome Tab

Chrome tabs can become unresponsive for any reason but usually, often before you notice a tab is stuck, it will crash. You will have the option to reload said tab and work will continue without a hitch. On the rare occasion when this doesn’t happen and closing the tab doesn’t work either (the tab refuses to close), you have to wait for Chrome to realize there is a problem or you have to close Chro...
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No Numpad? No Problem! How to Get a Numeric Keypad in Windows

Have you tried using the number pad in your Windows 8 or Windows 10 operating system and for some reason it is not working? You don’t need to worry because you will soon find out how to fix the number pad from within your Windows.There are plenty of ways to use a number pad on your computer, even if your keyboard doesn’t have one. Some are built right in, while others will take a bit more work...
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