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How to Force Close an Unresponsive Chrome Tab

Chrome tabs can become unresponsive for any reason but usually, often before you notice a tab is stuck, it will crash. You will have the option to reload said tab and work will continue without a hitch. On the rare occasion when this doesn’t happen and closing the tab doesn’t work either (the tab refuses to close), you have to wait for Chrome to realize there is a problem or you have to close Chro...
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How to take Screenshots in Chrome or Firefox browser without using any addons

Firefox is a popular browser for Windows PC. The Developer Toolbar in Firefox and Chrome allows you to take screenshots of the browser window without using any browser add-ons or 3rd-party screen capture software. This tutorial will show you how to capture screenshots in Chrome or Firefox browser natively, without using or installing any third-party software.You are of course aware that for ca...
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These Offline Chrome Apps Let You Get Work Done Without Internet

Maybe you want a change of scenery or to take advantage of your travel time. You can stay on track and on task with Google Chrome apps that work without internet. So grab a chair at the beach, take a seat on the bus, or snag that park bench and keep on working with these awesome offline tools. Manage Your Time You may need to track your time to bill a client or simply find the Pomodoro technique...
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Meet the Faster, Safer, Non-Google Web Browser You Should Use Instead of Chrome

When you decided which browser was best, you probably didn’t consider many options outside the main players. On Windows,Chrome is most popular, while Firefox is still a great alternative. For macOS users, Safari has Chrome beat on resource usage.If you’re looking for something that’s out of the box or if you have privacy concerns with the above options, the new Brave browser might be for you. ...
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Make Any New Browser Tab More Useful With 5 Custom Tools

Start a new and modern browser tab and you meet the speed dial, a collection of your most visited sites. It’s handy, sure, but the new tab page can be much more useful.The key to productivity is finding out what works for you. Don’t just apply what a productivity guru says without thinking about your needs. The New Tab page can serve many purposes. If you don’t need a collection of your most v...
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These 5 New Browsers Show You the Future of Web Surfing

The browser is the gateway to the World Wide Web. But the way we use a browser hasn’t changed much since Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome started battling with Internet Explorer and Safari. What’s the future of browsers? How will we access the internet a few years down the line? Here’s a sneak peek. Recently, a few developers have been re-imagining how a browser should work. We’ve already seen o...
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4 Anonymous Web Browsers That Are Completely Private

Private information is big business that's why for some anonymous web browsers are important. It should come as no surprise, therefore, that everyone is trying to watch you. The NSA, the UK government, Microsoft, cyber-criminals, your creepy neighbor from across the street; they all want to know what you’re doing, all the time.Unfortunately, unless you want to take excessively drastic measures...
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Which Is The Best Browser? Edge vs. Chrome vs. Opera vs. Firefox

Google Chrome used to clearly be the best browser, with its speed advantage and extension ecosystem, but that’s changing. We’re living in the golden age of web browsers, and users are spoiled when it comes to choice.Google Chrome, then, is by far the most used browser which accounts for over half of web traffic, followed by Safari in a distant second place. Internet Explorer comes in third, wi...
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The Best Firefox Addons

Part of Firefox's appeal stems from its powerful Firefox add-ons system, which allows users to install plug-ins that add to the browser's functionality. Here are 40 extensions that will turbocharge your surfing experience. By automating tasks, providing more control over how websites are displayed, and adding new ways to search for information, these extensions will make Firefox faster and easier ...
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