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4 Internet Security Alerts You Should Never Ignore

When you’re going about your internet activity and suddenly alerted with a warning from your browser or operating system, you would be right to be concerned. It’s vital to take action right away. Examples of such alerts include:“The site ahead contains malware” “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate” “Windows Firewall has blocked some features of this app” “Tur...
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5 New Mobile Browser Alternatives to Chrome and Safari

Your smartphone comes loaded with a browser and you probably use that without ever changing it. But that might mean you are missing out on a much better web experience if you never tried other browser apps.For a lot of people, Google Chrome is the default mobile browser. The latest Chrome 66 update has introduced a new UI and changed the media player. You can do a lot more with Chrome on Andro...
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Microsoft Windows Defender Fights Phishing on Google Chrome Browser

Inspired by Edge's anti-phishing technology, Microsoft releases the new Windows Defender Browser Protection extension for Google Chrome.Microsoft is bringing the technology it uses to keep Edge users safe to a rival browser.Available now in the Chrome Web Store, the new Windows Defender Browser Protection extension for Google Chrome monitors web pages to help users avoid phishing sch...
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This Firefox Extension Stops Facebook Tracking You

As you surely must be aware by now, Facebook has been in trouble lately over what’s come to be known as the Cambridge Analytica scandal. In a nutshell, it meant millions of people had their data sold to a third party and used against them.In light of these revelations, there have been calls for everyone to delete Facebook. However, Mozilla, the company which makes Firefox, has developed an alt...
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Edge vs. Chrome vs. Adobe Reader: Which PDF Viewer Is Best?

We’ve previously looked at which family of apps—dedicated PDF readers or web browsers—is better for viewing and managing PDFs.You should check out the full article if you’d like to read a detailed analysis. The TL;DR version is that, even though it was close, we decided dedicated PDFs readers were the more robust choice.But since we wrote that article, Microsoft has added new PDF-related t...
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How to Fix Issues in Chrome and Firefox With a Browser Reset

A browser is a complicated piece of software. Between security features, plugins, extensions, and themes, it's easy for something to go wrong. Whether you’re sick of dealing with annoying issues in Chrome or find that Firefox is running slowly, it's good then that a full browser reset will fix most problems. Let's see how to do a browser reset without losing our settings and website passwords. Her...
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6 Ways to Secure Your Web Browser

Which is the most secure Web browser? Google Chrome? Mozilla Firefox? Microsoft’s Internet Explorer? It’s a simple question—but the answer is a bit complicated.An unsecured web browser is like a cracked window into your network. And just as you’d fix a cracked window, you’ll want to secure your browsers.It’s not that hard. Today’s browsers have built-in security and privacy features that c...
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Best Ways To Spot A Fraudulent Website

Scammers set up various types of websites for online fraud. These can range from haphazard, amateurish- looking sites, to professional-looking high quality websites. It can be difficult to spot whether a website is fake or not. Fraudulent sites come in many forms, and here are 10 ways to quickly see that a website might not be legitimate. Check the SSL Certificate Look at the URL of the website....
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How to Clear Your Safari Browsing History and Data

A large amount of our time is spent online, and your browser remembers all the websites you’ve visited and logged in to. Your browser stores data to make it easier and quicker to go back to websites you visit often.Browsing data reveals your browsing habits, and can be accessed by sites you visit. If you’re concerned about your privacy, you can manage and delete your browsing history and other...
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4 New Ways to Customize in Firefox Quantum

Firefox’s completely revamped version, Firefox Quantum, has arrived. This new age of Firefox brings speed improvements, a fresh new look, and less resource usage. you’ve just upgraded to Quantum, you should know a few quick ways to customize your browser. These either weren’t in older versions of Firefox or have cha...
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