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How to Password Protect a PDF: Free and Paid Options

PDFs are the closest thing the internet has to a paper document. They’re standard, they look the same on every system regardless of what fonts you have installed, and typically aren’t something users can edit. But if you want to secure them, you need to know how to password protect a PDF.Fortunately, with PDFs there is support for password-protected encryption built directly into the format. ...
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Watch Out for These New Security Threats in 2017

With every passing year, we entrust our digital devices to store more of our personal information, with the internet turning into the backbone of the modern world. This has brought immeasurable benefit to billions of people around the world, but it’s also opened a huge opportunity for those that want to hurt us. Crime is no longer bound by geography — someone you’ve never met, from a country you’v...
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Privacy Matters! 5 Apps That Keep Your Data Safe and Private

If you are serious about protecting your privacy, you need to use the right apps to do it. You can’t rely on the Microsofts and Apples of the world. Switch to one of these apps guaranteed to keep your data safe from spies. A lot of apps are snooping on what you are doing. Google is known to read your mails, and some cloud storage providers even delete files that they think might be illegal. As fo...
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6 Safety Tips to Protect Your Kids From Catfishing and Other Online Threats

Your kids are old enough to go online. You’ve kept a close eye on things so far, and you’re still using the parental controls, but some free time is required. The homework is all done, and just like their friends, your offspring want to hit a social network.Well, just hold it there. There are several threats to children going online for the first time, supervised or otherwise.Before you le...
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Your WhatsApp Isn’t Secure! Here’s What You Need to Do

One of the most popular messaging services out there with over a billion users, WhatsApp has been reigning the monarch since the last few years. With the introduction of end-to-end encryption in 2016, WhatsApp made sure that the message details do not fall into wrong hands. But then, that’s not the end of the bargain. There are many steps that we, as users, should take to make it more secure.T...
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Stop Popups on Android! How to Block Intrusive Ads

Popup ads are extremely frustrating on desktop, but they’re sometimes a problem on mobile devices, too. If you’re sick of popups ruining your experience on Android, we’ll explain how you can put a stop to them.Popup ads generally come in one of three forms:When you’re browsing the web Fullscreen ads in apps Notification area adsThe most common Android malicious apps will do at ...
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10 Security Checks Everyone Should Perform Regularly

Security often feels like a daunting task. Who has time to spend hours locking down accounts and obsessing over everything on your phone or PC?The truth is that you shouldn’t be scared of security. You can perform important checkups in a matter of minutes and your online life will be much safer because of them. Here are ten vital checks you can work into your schedule — do these every once in ...
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Which Websites Are Most Likely to Infect You with Malware?

You get warned all the time about being on the lookout for sites that might be harboring malware – but do you know where you’re most likely to get infected with a Trojan or virus? You might guess porn streaming sites, places to buy prescription meds, dark web pages, or Reddit, the cesspool of the Internet. But you’d be wrong.You're more likely to encounter malware through reputable, hacked ser...
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How to Set Up Two-Factor Authentication on All Your Social Accounts

With the increasing use of internet and social media platforms, cybercrimes and internet frauds are also on a rise. We share a lot of information on our social media channels — photos, videos, places we visit, and more. And with all this, it becomes increasingly important to take adequate security measures to ensure our accounts and information are safe. One way to do this is securing our accounts...
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